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As a school administrator, accurate information is one of your strongest tools.  You can only make good decisions for your campus if you have the right information from you students, faculty, parents, and community members.


In the past, collecting information was inefficient, and often required hand collecting data and tallying.  How many hours have you spent making tally marks trying to compile good data from your constituents?  It's inefficient and expensive when you count the cost of your time, and the postage to send out surveys in the mail.  Now, for half the cost of a stamp per survey, you collect data from your target audiences and have it compiled for you.  That saves you money and time, and frees  you up to analyze and act on the data.  Isn't that what you were hired to do anyway?


We probably have all of the surveys that you would normally utilize, and maybe even a few that you don't.  We have surveys for the following purposes:


Bullying on campus (Student Survey)

Bullying on campus (Staff and Parents)

Family Surveys (Title I Programs)

Community Perception Surveys

Customer Satisfaction for Schools Survey


We can also create custom surveys to meet your specific need.


Our surveys can be pushed out to any iPhone, iPad, or Android device.  In addition, we can help you set up kiosks for your your school office or event that will enable you to get valuable information from your school community, and make it easy.


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