All Clear

Zippy Campus
mobile management suite

We are revolutionizing school emergency management.  Traditional methods of communication during an emergency are inefficient, confusing, and sometimes dangerous.  We take emergency management seriously, and have developed a communication that will shave minutes off of your safety "Check in" system.  You need to know where the danger is, and the status of everyone as quickly as possible.


All Clear simplifies the process by utilizing mobile devices to quickly collect safety data.  That data is then sent directly to you, the administrator to act upon.  All Clear also provides the data to you in a manner that can be shared with police, fire, and medical personnel immediately.


Because this type of system is so mission critical, we are currently building and testing it extensively.  We want it to be a source of support, not another source of worry.  We want it to work perfectly in an emergency, because your decisions will be counting on it.  We hope to release All Clear early in the 2014-2015 school year.  If you would like to receive additional information about this product, please click below.