"Because your most important work isn't at your desk."








Your most important work, isn't at your desk.  It is out on your campus, and in your classrooms.


So get out there, we have tools to help with:


Instructional Monitoring

Common Core Implementation

Teaching Standards

Engagement Rates

Technology Use

Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

Instructional Approach


Custodial and Maintenance Work Orders

Vehicle Check In/Out


All of these tools are available on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.  You carry it with you anyway, so let's put it to work helping you get your job done!



The best way to understand what is happening on your campus, and what your constituents need, is to ask them.  With Zippy Surveys, you have the ability to ask students, staff parents, and the community important questions related to your school.


We have surveys for:


Title I      (Annual Parent Survey)

Bullying  (Student Edition)

Bullying  (Parent and Staff Edition)

School Customer Service


We can also create a custom survey to meet the needs of your school.


All surveys are compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.  We can even help you set up kiosks for your front office, Back to School Night, and other events.


Did we mention that all of the results are automatically compiled and graphed for you?  That should help make your next School Site Council, Parent Meeting, Staff Meeting, or Board Report a lot easier!

Despite our best preparation, planning, and prevention efforts sometimes campus-wide emergencies happen.  When they do, your leadership matters most.  The way you respond in those first few seconds can relate directly to how safe your staff and students will be.  In times like this, you need to get information out fast, and to check on the safety of everyone quickly.  That's why we invented All Clear.


Traditional methods of communication during an emergency are inefficient and sometimes dangerous.  No one should be put in harms way during an incident, and communication should be stealthy.


With All Clear, everything is done from your smart device.  Once the alarms are triggered, and help is on its way, All Clear becomes your communication tool with your staff.


You send out an SMS message to your staff members' smart phones, which pushes open the All Clear app.  They then respond with their safety status and you get all of that data mapped to your campus so that you can identify the areas of trouble and safety immediately.  This information can then be shared with local emergency personnel so that when they arrive on scene, they know exactly how to help.